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Brief Narrative for Submit Form

Examples of “a brief narrative of the circumstances surrounding your sample”

Please include:

  1. Who found the foreign material (food processor/manufacturer, QA Dept., distributor, food prep at restaurant, restaurant customer, home consumer, etc.).
  2. The specific type of product and brand name, if applicable.
  3. What you think the material is (if you want us to confirm/deny that it is a specific material).
  4. Is this a single occurrence, or part of an ongoing problem.

Be sure to mention if…

  1. the object has allegedly been in someone’s mouth
  2. the object has allegedly cut someone’s mouth/drawn blood
  3. the object has gone thru someone’s digestive tract


“We found this black material in our processing line. It has been found in some of our finished bread products before they were distributed. We suspect that it is belt material. Please identify this material.”

“Our customer ordered this hamburger sandwich at the drive thru. While consuming the sandwich, she alleges to have bitten down on a hard object, breaking her tooth. Please identify the foreign object and, if possible, determine its origin. Please also check for the presence of saliva and blood.”

“Please identify the red streak on the enclosed bun. Our client is concerned that it is blood. He noticed the streak while unwrapping the sandwich and preparing to consume it. If you determine that it is blood, please test to see if it is human or non-human blood.”

“We have been noticing a green discoloration in our carrot cake products. Please analyze the greenish material and determine what is causing the discoloration.”

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