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Forensic food microscopy

We are leaders in the area of Forensic Food Microscopy and Food Forensics. Forensic microscopy defines that we not only identify foreign material, but that we also investigate the sample characteristics to determine when and how the foreign material got into the food product. This includes determination of fraudulent activity where objects are added to the product post-production.

Foreign Material Identification

Foreign Material Identification refers to the chemical/microscopic analysis and classification of physical contamination and unknown particulate matter found in foods.


In addition to stereo and compound microscopes, we utilize SEM-EDX, FT-IR, and other instruments.

Non-Destructive Testing

In most cases we are able to examine and run biochemical reactions on the surfaces of the samples without changing the sample in any significant way, however a trace of discoloration may remain on the surface.

Instructions for submitting a sample

Reading and following these instructions will help us provide you with the best possible service. ***Please list all pertinent information regarding your claim as well as active ingredient list and manufacturing procedures. This helps in expediting analysis as we charge per hour. ***

Chain of custody

If a chain of custody record is required in your situation, you may use your own form or print out a chain or custody record from your browser.

Long term sample storage

Let us simplify sample custody for you by leaving your sample with us. We maintain long term frozen storage to insure safe storage of important samples for our clients.

Confidentiality Policy

ALTECA Ltd. considers each sample and all information provided with or about the sample to be confidential information.

Shipping Kits

Shipping kits include everything needed to retrieve your sample and get it safely to the laboratory for analysis.

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