Reading and following these instructions will help us provide you with the best possible service. ***Please list all pertinent information regarding your claim as well as active ingredient list and manufacturing procedures. This helps in expediting analysis as we charge per hour. ***


Tape will damage sample integrity by removing necessary materials needed for proper and accurate testing results. Tape can also result in the damaging of the sample itself and possibly even being destroyed.

Step 1

If you are a new client or are unsure of what type of testing you are needing, please contact The Lab. We can assist you to determine the type of analysis needed in your situation, and to confirm that we can provide the requested service. Please call us at our telephone number (785) 537-9773, and we would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2

Fill out our Sample Submit Form. No samples will be accepted without a completed submission form. Analysis cannot begin until all pertinent information has been received. Please include any manufacture procedures or products/materials used on sample to help expedite our analysis. Full narrative/description must be included.

Step 3

Package the sample; The securing, packaging and shipping of a sample is extremely important. If the sample is not handled properly prior to and during shipping, valuable information may be destroyed. If the material is a potential bio-hazard the exterior of the package must be labeled Potential Bio-Hazard. All liquid material will need to be placed in a sealed container. Please follow these steps to insure that your sample arrives in the best condition possible.

A. Obtain everything that has been in contact with, or associated with the sample (foreign object, remaining food product, paper wrappers, packaging, etc.)

B. Place the sample and associated evidence in appropriate containers (sealed plastic bag, or hard plastic container with lid that seals tightly). Keep the various parts of the sample in individual containers if they are already separate. DO NOT separate or otherwise disturb an intact sample because essential information may be lost, EXCEPT when you have a liquid sample. If you are shipping a liquid sample (ice cream, soup, chili, liquid beverages, peanut butter, etc.) you should remove the foreign material from the sample before shipping, so the foreign material does not dissolve or degrade in transit. DO NOT tape the container’s that do not seal properly, use a different container. DO NOT tape the foreign material or object, as this contaminates the sample and adulterants. Place the isolated foreign material in a separate bag or container.

When submitting a bulk item with a thick consistency such as peanut butter, almond butter, or yogurt, the foreign material must be separated from the product for more efficient identification and analysis. This will reduce the time spent searching for, and separating the foreign material from the product. If the object is unable to be separated from the product, please provide a detailed description of the foreign material in question, this makes the location and identification of the object easier and able to be processed faster. Searching through a product such as crunchy peanut for a hard foreign object is very tedious and time consuming and may result in higher lab fees.

IMPORTANT: If a customer is sending the sample, it is very important that they are told to send the original alleged object separate from the product. There is no guarantee that there are multiple pieces of the foreign material in the product. Even if no object is located in the product, there will still be a charge of at least one hour of lab time at the selected rate. If the entire product needs to be examined, this may take more than one hour and will incur additional fees.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT SHIP SHARP OBJECTS IN PLASTIC BAGS. Sharp objects (razor blades, needles, glass shards, etc.) should be placed inside a petri-dish, vial, small box or other container with hard sides to protect our employees from being cut or punctured. Please mark the outside of the container “SHARP!” so we may take extra precautions.

NOTE: PLEASE USE PRECAUTIONS WHEN SENDING SAMPLES WITH POTENTIAL BIO HAZARD RISKS. Any sample that may contain blood, saliva, urine, semen, mucus, or other bodily fluids is a potential bio hazard risk. Please make sure that all potentially dangerous samples are sealed inside Ziploc bags or plastic containers. Label the outside of the bag or container “Potential Bio hazard” so we may take extra precautions.


C. Cushion the sample with packing material to protect it from being smashed or broken.

D. Place the sample in a sturdy box. Samples can be crushed during shipping or when they pass through the cancellation machines at the postal center. Hard objects will tear an envelope and cause the contents to spill out and be lost.

E. Samples containing perishable items must be shipped in a cooler with frozen ice-packs or dry ice. (DO NOT use ice cubes or crushed ice) Perishable samples should be shipped for next day delivery. Ice cream products, frozen yogurt, Popsicle and similar items MUST be shipped on dry ice to maintain sample integrity.

F. Enclose a copy of the submit form in the box with your sample.

G. Make sure your name, address and phone number are clearly visible on the outside of the shipping box.

H. If you are requesting Rush service, please write “RUSH” on the package near the address label.

Step 4

Ship the sample; Use only a courier service with overnight delivery and advanced tracking capabilities (UPS or Federal Express). We are not open to accept packages on Saturdays. Please do not send perishable items over the weekend.

Our address is ALTECA Ltd., 731 McCall Road, Manhattan, KS 66502 USA

Rapid/Ready Shipping Service:
We are now equipped to provide a cooler, packing material and a prepaid shipping label to a third party that holds a sample, so it can be shipped directly to our laboratory for testing. Please call the lab for additional details at (785) 537-9773.

If you have any questions on how to submit a sample properly, please contact us at your convenience. Although we are always pleased to answer your questions over the phone, do not depend on us remembering the phone conversation and transferring verbal information to your file. Information given over the phone will not substitute for a sample submit form.

By submitting a sample submit form, you acknowledge you have read and understand the submission instructions. You are also are aware of and agree to the taped sample fee, if applicable.