If a chain of custody record is required in your situation, you may use your own form or print out a chain or custody record from your browser (see below). Please follow these instructions when filling out a chain of custody record:

  • Please type or print clearly.
  • Please include the COURIER (UPS, Federal Express, hand delivered, etc.), METHOD OF SHIPMENT (Next Day Air, Ground, Priority Overnight, etc.), and TRACKING NUMBER in the spaces provided.
  • Include the SAMPLE ID on the form. The Sample ID should include the Claimant’s Name, Claim Number, & Date of Loss. (ex. Thomas Q. Public, Claim # 1234567, 1/1/00; object from cheeseburger).
  • Include the SAMPLE DESCRIPTION on the form. The Sample Description should include the physical description of the actual components included. (ex. hard object and cheeseburger (in wrapper) inside a plastic bag).
  • Label the page numbers at the top of each page.

Click here to open a Chain Of Custody Record in PDF format. You may print the Chain of Custody Record from your browser.