• Founded by Dr. Lynn Bates in 2013.
  • Dr. Lynn Bates is the owner of both ALTECA, Ltd. and LSB Products.
  • Bio-Gentle is a company that manufactures All Natural Multipurpose Health and Beauty product lines.
  • Colette is Bio-Gentle’s launching product line named after Dr. Lynn Bates’s beautiful wife of 50 years; Gyll Colette Bates.
  • The Colette line currently consists of several multipurpose All Natural Solar Oil varieties.
  • Colette All Natural Solar Oil originally started as a nail hardener and skin softener.
  • Bio-Gentle is a company that serves both men and women in all professions and everyday living.
  • Bio-Gentle listens to customer needs and demands. Please visit our website and tell us what you think or have experienced with our products in our “Comment/ Review” section.